Need an Original Photo Booth Rental? We are a full-service provider of the Original, Retro, Vintage Black & White photo booths that you remember from years past.

Our outstanding customer service duties include understanding your needs of the distinctive event. With over 15 years of experience and many satisfied customers, you know you are not dealing with amateurs that show up with an inferior digital photo booth rental of sorts.

We are the original “dip ‘n dunk” Coney Island Black & White photo booth rental company that will provide a company trained expert in customer satisfaction, repairing minor on-site malfunctions as well as a fun Scrapbook Coordinator.

Original, Traditional, and Retro Photo booths are elegant, tasteful, and the pictures last. Some digital booths looks great while other look honestly – tacky, while some digital pictures will last for years, others will not last for 3 years (experiment with the mall booths).

Finally, we will not be undersold. Our machines “go forever” and the extensive available quantity of film and part come worldwide. We pass our low costs to you. Our calendars are rather full, but feel free to call us, we love what we do and enjoy talking about it.
Check back, there are times that events are cancelled if you wish to continue trying.